Am I too young to “Start a business”?

Being 17, I left school before my time was up, so I ended up not having any GCSEs. I found myself being lost and not sure what todo, money wise. I suffered with panic attacks and anxiety, so any kind of college, course, training etc was out of the question. I couldn’t handle it. I’m now only getting over it (Thank goodness). 

I’ve searched everywhere for a job, but who the hell is going to hire a 17 year old with no experience in anything? No one, that’s who. So in my mind the only thing I can do now is start my own “business”. Honestly I don’t know if it would work, but to get some experience I have started a dog walking business within my hometown. Do you think this is a good idea? This way I will be getting more than minimum wage and can work around the hours that suit me. Or do you think I should find some other training course etc?


Prosthetic’s for horses? Hay or Neigh?

So even though I write in a Journal, some things are best for people to talk about and add there thoughts.

I don’t know if anyone will read this or if I am going to end up writing to myself, but only time will tell.

I’m in a debate on Facebook weather or not if prosthetic’s are suitable or not for horses. My argument is yea they are and maybe at this point in time they don’t look great and maybe some horses wont take to them, but what’s that compared to things that could be in the future? People frustrate me on Facebook due to the fact they have opinions and don’t bother to open their minds to things. They only express their opinions on whats right in front of them, instead of looking past the picture.

I’ve been reading all different articles of prosthetic’s for horse, all being really good. Here are a few that I really liked;

What do you think on prosthetic for horses? Hay or Neigh?