Am I too young to “Start a business”?

Being 17, I left school before my time was up, so I ended up not having any GCSEs. I found myself being lost and not sure what todo, money wise. I suffered with panic attacks and anxiety, so any kind of college, course, training etc was out of the question. I couldn’t handle it. I’m now only getting over it (Thank goodness). 

I’ve searched everywhere for a job, but who the hell is going to hire a 17 year old with no experience in anything? No one, that’s who. So in my mind the only thing I can do now is start my own “business”. Honestly I don’t know if it would work, but to get some experience I have started a dog walking business within my hometown. Do you think this is a good idea? This way I will be getting more than minimum wage and can work around the hours that suit me. Or do you think I should find some other training course etc?


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